Class 130 Lesson 7: First Quilt, Witches Windows

“If you stumble make it part of the dance.”

If I have any part of that I always stumble on, it’s the layout part. I have just decided that when it comes to laying out quilts, I’m going to embrace that I will try five million different variations. Then I will decide on the one I laid out first. Every time. It’s just part of the dance. I will not second-guess this second-guessing part of my process. It’s just part of my quilt-dance.


Here are two layouts I tried with Witches Windows, based on the Project Carrie’s Cowboy Corral Quilt. I made a little design wall, and have it propped up in the kitchen before I attached it to any wall. Here is the tutorial I used.


I ended up with the second one pictured here. I have some pumpkin fabric to attach as a border, and I’m thinking some little spider print for the back. Actually quilting and finishing this seems a long way away, but Hey! I have my first Harriet quilt top done!

What a relief! Have you made this quilt? How did yours turn out?

This post is part of a series where I work through Quilter’s Academy, a book by Harriet Hargrave & Carrie Hargrave. See archives for the rest of the series.


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