QA Class 140 Lesson 4 Project: Carrie’s Patriotic Log Cabin Quilt

I finished “Carrie’s Patriotic Log Cabin Quilt.” I’m naming mine “Bluebonnet Cabin.”


The inspiration for this quilt came when I was driving out to a new quilt shop. It was a gorgeous day and as I took the scenic route I was mesmerized by the wildflowers. Every memory of summer comes with memories of bluebonnets and wildflowers! As I entered the quilt shop, I got entirely enticed by their display of wildflower inspired quilting fabrics. I got super excited to use them for my Patriotic log cabin quilt: Inidan Paintbrushes for the red centers, and Blubonnets for the blues!


I’m excited how this quilt turned out, especially because I had the hardest time understanding all the math in this project. Luckily a great quilter friend of mine advised me to jump in and make a sample block. I will understand after I make it once. So I made a sample block – and it suddenly made sense.


But then I found a new struggle with the neutral I originally picked out. I started out with a very directional print. And what was worse, after straightening it Harriet-style, the directional was printed crooked!! I just had to get back to the quilt store and grab a better (and slightly darker) neutral!


Whew! With that fixed, it’s time to start a log cabin factory.


The progress on this type of quilt is fun, because you see the blocks being built step-by-step.

IMG_9270 (1).jpg

Cutting each step to square-up is SO SO important to get things straight.


I’m still working on my pressing skills, but things are getting straighter! (fuzzy picture alert!)


Once all the blocks are done, I had a decision to make on the layout. With a log cabin, you can turn the blocks every which way to find endless combinations. This quilt is a gift for my mother and favorite wildflower-viewing road-tripping companion. So, I phoned her and let her make the decision on which she liked best.

I think she made the right choice! I just love the way it all turned out. The little red Indian paintbrushes among the bluebonnets just get me! The center is just begging for a quilted star…


What about you? Have you ever made a log cabin quilt? Do you find the process tedious or like seeing all the little steps build upon each other?

This post is part of a series where I work through Quilter’s Academy, a book by Harriet Hargrave & Carrie Hargrave. See archives for the rest of the series.


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