QA Class 110 Lesson 3-4: Cutting Tools

We’re learning all about rotary cutters and cutting mats, and then moving swiftly on to rulers. There are some finer points that struck a chord, that I’d like to remember, so I’m recording them here. Continue reading


QA Class 110 Lesson 2: Sewing Machines

After reading this chapter, I realize that my Janome will reluctantly have to do for now. It has only a few recommended features: The bobbin case is accessible from the front, so that is good. Adjustable top tension, check. The foot control is comfortable for me. As far as accessories and other features, my machine has none of these. It sews a straight line (as far as I can tell) but frustration is a major factor in any project I attempt with this machine. Maybe it’s the quilter… Continue reading