QA Class 120 Lesson 4-5: Preparing & Cutting Straight Strips

I was listening to a podcast while cooking last night, and I love how Jacques Pepin talked about how a good cook is a technician first, then they add on their talent, and then maybe even go as far as to put their signature on it. I think it’s true. You really gotta know the technical aspects before you put a good meal together.

Quilting is theĀ  same way. Continue reading


QA Class 120 Lesson 3: Preparing Fabric

This post is part of a series where I work through Quilter’s Academy, a book by Harriet Hargrave & Carrie Hargrave. See archives for the rest of the series.

Hey there! I’m quite the seasonal quilter. I typically work on quilts when the weather starts getting rainy, cold, and nasty. In Texas that means I mainly quilt through our short winter. Once the weather starts warming up, I want to be hanging outside in the shade somewhere near a body of water sipping a cold beverage. Things warmed up early this year, and I boogied to the lake ASAP and have been there ever since! BUT! We are in the middle of some awesome spring rains, and I’ve got a bit of an itch to get into a cozy project. Continue reading